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4 Senior Chihuahuas + 1 Rescue Kitten = Cutest Band of “Misfits” Ever!

4 Senior Chihuahuas + 1 Rescue Kitten = Cutest Band of “Misfits” Ever!


Like a lot of animal lovers, we can’t get enough of the jemandthemisfits Instagram account!  What do you get when you mix 4 adorably quirky senior rescue Chihuahuas and one tiny rescue kitten?  Pretty much the cutest gang of misfits ever!  Los Angeles animal lover Julie Docherty is the founder of this gang, beginning when she adopted 11 year old Sir MoMo.



Since Chihuahuas are like potato chips, Julie couldn’t stop at just one.  Sir MoMo was soon followed by Choli Churro, Paloma Linda, and Benito.  The pups range in age from 16 to 13 and are all uniquely adorable!  Yes, senior dogs like these do require a little extra TLC, but the good news is that they are loving, laid back, and take lots of naps!



The Senior Dog Squad recently added a new member…a teeny rescue kitten named Rosita!  You can follow the adventures of this crew on Instagram, and here’s a sweet video slideshow of the whole gang:




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