June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month


With kitten season in full swing, summer is the perfect time to give a loving forever home to a shelter cat or kitten. It’s hard to resist all those cute faces, but before you adopt, make sure you are ready to take on the responsibility of a new cat. Here are some considerations to keep in mind before you visit the shelter and fall in love.


Financial costs

The shelter adoption fee is a small percentage of the total cost of bringing home a new cat. Most shelter cats will already be spayed and neutered, the cost of which is usually factored into the adoption fee. But there are other expenses involved in getting a new cat. Make sure you budget for food, litter, routine and unexpected vet visits, medicine, microchipping, toys, carrier, grooming supplies, and petsitter/boarding expenses.


Preparing your home

Is your household ready for a new cat? If you’re a renter, make sure cats are OK in the lease. Check with everyone else living in the house to make sure they’re on board with getting a new cat. If you have other pets already, consider how they will react to a new adult cat or rambunctious young kitten. Do you work long hours and have a busy social life? Cats need play and interaction and one cat could get lonely if left home alone for most of the day and night.


Choosing the right cat

With so many shelter cats and kittens to pick from, how do you make sure you’re choosing the right match for you? Kittens are cute, but adult cats can be a better choice for people who don’t have the time or energy to devote to a kitten. Your heart may go out to an overly shy cat you see at a shelter, but think about what that means when you bring her home. How will you feel if she runs under the bed whenever the doorbell rings? Your new cat should be friendly, relaxed, and outgoing when you observe her at the shelter. Spend time with several possible choices and look for a cat who comes to an outstretched hand and enjoys being played with and petted.



Your Animal Hearted purchase saves lives! 25% of all proceeds are donated to no kill animal shelters!




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