Amazing Cat and Dog Survive Trauma and Get Second Chance at Life


We dare you not to get a lump in your throat or shed a tear after reading about Russell and Emma, two brave pets who have been through some very traumatic experiences, but made it through and survived with the help of some very dedicated people.




Russell the orange tabby cat was found badly burned but still alive at the scene of a house fire in 2014. He has been recovering at the Animal Emergency Hospital & Urgent Care in Raleigh, North Carolina for over a year.


Russell still has some healing to do, but the staff at the animal hospital have been amazed that he survived. This long-term hospital resident is an incredibly friendly and loving cat who makes a point to walk around the hospital and visit all of the other sick and injured animals.



As these heartwarming pictures clearly show, it looks like Russell enjoys bringing comfort to all of the other patients, investigating new arrivals and snuggling up with them for a nap and a cuddle.


Russell’s injuries may prevent him from becoming a normal housecat again, but that’s OK with hospital staff, who would be happy to keep him as the clinic’s official mascot forever.




A Great Pyrenees dog (now named Emma) survived a deadly tornado in Texas. Sadly, the couple that owned her did not. Search and rescue workers found her curled up with the body of her owner. Emma experienced shock, bruised and raw skin, a burst eardrum, and head trauma.


Emma and the couple’s other pets survived the ordeal, but Emma was the most traumatized. Her rescuers would cry whenever they looked at her incredibly sad face. While at Nicholas Pet Haven, Emma was spotted by visitors who quickly adopted her into their family.



Emma’s new family is determined to give the elderly dog (thought to be around 8) a safe and loving home. She sleeps a lot, doesn’t have much of an appetite, and won’t go outside alone, but Emma is slowly warming up to the family and their other dog, wagging her tail a little and showing interest in treats.



Thank you to the kind and caring people who gave Russell and Emma a second chance at a new life!


Photo credits:  Russell:  Animal Emergency Hospital & Urgent Care; Emma:  Nicholas Pet Haven/Michelle Shockley.


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