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10 Simple Hacks for Pet Owners


Taking good care of our pets is a pleasure for animal lovers, but some pet-related chores are more fun than others. Here are some easy pet care hacks for dog and cat owners so you can spend more quality time with your pets.



Dog Hacks


  1. Put a tennis ball in your dog’s bowl of dry food to slow him down if he eats too fast.
  2. Use a window or shower squeegee to remove pet hair from the carpet.
  3. Use a dry cloth mop like Swiffer to sweep up dog hair from hardwood floors. Vacuums will blow the hair around.
  4. Protect your dog’s paws from salt and chemicals in the winter by coating the pads with Vaseline. Rinse off with warm water when you come back in the house.
  5. Feed your dog some canned pumpkin (unspiced) if she is suffering from constipation.



Cat Hacks


  1. Make a homemade puzzle toy by putting some cat toys in a plastic container and cutting a few holes in the lid that are big enough for your cat’s paw to reach in.
  2. Attached double-sided tape to surfaces you don’t want your cat to scratch or jump on.
  3. Use a rubber glove to remove pet hair from the furniture.
  4. Buy inexpensive Ikea shelving and transform it into a kitty condo with sisal and carpet for scratching.
  5. Treat hairballs by giving your cat some olive oil or butter. Oil from a tin of sardines will make your cat love you forever.




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