6 Funny Videos of Some Very Naughty Pets


Check out these videos of cats and dogs behaving badly right under their people’s noses!


  1. Cat Steals Pizza



This cat thinks she’s being pretty sneaky with her behind the computer stealth approach.


  1. Dog Nabs Baby’s Toy




This baby is trying hard to crawl over to a ball, until the family dog nonchalantly wanders over and takes it himself.


  1. Cat Pushes Stuff off Table



    This fluffy little cat looks grumpy but harmless, just watch as she dares her owner to stop her from pushing things off the coffee table.


    1. Dog Steals Bread



    This Italian dog is bound and determined to steal a piece of bread off the kitchen counter. Note the slow mo.


    1. Cat Caught in the Act



    Check out this cat’s priceless expression after being caught stealing something from a drawer.


    1. Dog Takes Cat’s Food




    This poor cat is being fed on the counter so the dog won’t eat her food. Things didn’t quite work out as planned.


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    • Aaron Seminoff
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