How to Find the Perfect Fitness Tracker for Your Dog

Dog fitness trackers, also called activity monitors, are becoming increasingly popular. Like fitness trackers for people, the canine version is great for tracking your dog’s daily activity. They attach to your dog’s collar and send lots of useful information to your phone. Trackers are especially helpful to owners who want to monitor their dog’s activity and whereabouts while at doggy day care or with the pet sitter.

Here’s a guide to some of the most interesting dog fitness tracker features, so you can pick the right one and your dog can be the coolest pet in town!

Monitor your dog’s activity. See a summary of your dog’s movement, including walks, play, and rest. Apps allow you to set goals and track progress if your dog needs more exercise.

Compare your dog to others. Some trackers give you breed-specific guidelines so you can compare your dog’s activity level to dogs of similar breed, age, and size.

Locate your dog with GPS. With some trackers, you can see exactly where your dog is and even define your pet’s home range and get notified when he wanders off.

Monitor health and share with your vet. Track your dog’s heart and respiratory rates and calorie intake and then share this information with your vet and other caregivers.

Keep track of food and medication. You can get apps that record your dog’s medication and log what he eats and when.

Link up with others. You can always be connected to your dog’s caretaker by using Bluetooth to hook up their phone to your dog’s tracker.

Make sure your dog is comfortable. Some activity monitors measure temperature so you know when your dog is too hot or cold. They can also measure daylight as well.


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