Firefighters Save Animals: 5 Amazing Videos

Firefighters do some pretty brave and heroic things to save human lives, but they also go to extraordinary measures to save the lives of dogs, cats, and other animals in fires and other emergency situations. Watch these inspiring videos of firefighters saving animals in danger:

This amazing GoPro video shot from a fireman’s perspective shows the rescue of a tiny, unconscious kitten from the scene of a house fire. We dare you not to cry watching these big guys very gently revive this lucky little kitten!

In this next video, a firefighter rescues a baby deer during a forest fire in Colorado:


Not all firefighter animal rescues involve fires! Watch as this group of firemen rescue a dog who somehow got himself stuck in a very tight space between two walls.


Think firefighters rescuing cats stuck in trees is just a cliché? Take a look at this video of firemen saving a cat who got stuck in a very thorny situation…literally!


And finally, two firefighters save this lucky dog from drowning in a very icy river:

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  • Aaron Seminoff
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