Watch Out Bieber - Here Comes Some Talented Pets!

Think fun with Auto-Tune is just for us humans? Well, think again and take a look at these videos of some very gifted Auto-Tuned pets.

This may look like the orange cat is simply bullying the black and white one. But just listen, he’s actually singing to him, Auto-Tune style.

YouTube sensation Mishka the Husky does a fantastic job singing an elaborate “I love you” Auto-Tune song. Bravo Mishka!


Who knew that a bunch of meowing cats and kittens could sound so good? Enjoy this next mash-up of some very vocal kitties singing in Auto-Tune.


And finally, here’s a dog doing a kind of high-pitched whine/howl that sounds like a flute in Auto-Tune. Added bonus…the fussy baby who mostly watches the dog, but occasionally joins in.



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  • Aaron Seminoff
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