4 Videos Of Adorable Kittens Annoying Big Dogs

Enjoy these videos of some very patient dogs putting up with some pesky little kittens. Anyone who’s ever had an annoying younger sibling can relate!

This beautiful white shepherd is just trying to take a little snooze in his bed, but one very frisky kitten is determined to play with his ears and nose! Watch how the sweet dog very gently takes the kitten’s tiny head in his mouth.

Warning…cute overload on the next one! Everything is all very mellow with this pair, with the kitten gently pawing his friend’s dog tags. Then the dog makes the mistake of yawning…look out, that big doggy tongue is impossible for the kitten to resist!

This itty bitty kitten is way too cute to be annoying, right? He does seem fascinated by his pit bull friend’s giant paws in the next video. His punishment? A major licking!

And finally, a compilation of videos featuring one very goofy kitten and one very patient dog. No part of this beleaguered dog is off limits…face, paws, tail…but he puts up with the kitty harassment like a champ!

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  • Aaron Seminoff
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