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10 Fun Pet Ownership Facts

10 Fun Pet Ownership Facts


It’s true, we’re crazy about our pets! When it comes to taking care of our dogs, cats, birds, horses, and other animals big and small, most of us treat our animals as members of the family. We don’t call them our “fur kids” for nothing, right? We’ve gathered some interesting facts about pet ownership that show how much we value our companion animals. See if you can recognize yourself in some of these fun statistics!


1. Americans spend around $5 billion on holiday presents for their pets.


2. 48% of cat owners report that their kitties like to watch TV.


3. One third of dog owners take their dogs with them when they go on vacation.


4. 80% of us think our dogs and cats can sense our moods.


5. An estimated 58% of us bury our pets on our property.


6. 27% of pet owners have had their pets’ pictures taken by a professional photographer.


7. Half of surveyed pet owners admit to talking to their pets.


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8. Around 15% of us will buy a new house or new car with our pets’ needs in mind.


9. 70% of cats are allowed to sit on the furniture.


10. 36% of us give our dogs birthday presents.




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Faylinn - July 27, 2016

I had no idea that 48% of cats like to watch TV. I have four pets, three of them being cats, and I wonder whether or not they would like to too. However, is there any evidence suggesting that TV interests them other than what owners say?

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