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What are the Most Common Pet Toxins in the United States?

What are the Most Common Pet Toxins in the United States?


The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) is a great information resource for safety-minded pet owners. They recently released some very interesting data on the most frequent call topics—broken down by state—made to their pet poison control hotline. The most common toxins that generate calls from concerned pet owners vary by state and geographic region. Chocolate is the most common in California and the Northeast. Rat poison tops the list from north to south in the Central/Mountain regions of the U.S. Calls about ant baits predominate in the Midwest/Great Lakes region.



Other toxins include xylitol, acetaminophen, flea products, ibuprofen, and dewormer. For the complete rundown of all 50 states, and to see what’s the top pet toxin concern in your state, check out this informative infographic:



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