6 Tips on How to Bike Safely with Your Dog


It’s always more fun to take your dog with you when you go out for a walk, or hike, or jog…but what about biking? Cycling with your dog is great, but there are some special safety tips to keep in mind if you want to bike with your dog the right way. Here are just a few expert tips we’ve gathered to ensure that both you and your dog can safely enjoy a bike ride together!


1. Healthy, energetic dogs generally enjoy accompanying their humans on bike rides. Talk to your vet if you have any concerns before starting. Experts recommend not biking with small dogs (under 25 pounds) and dogs with flat faces or short legs…or puppies under a year old.



2. Start out gradually by walking with your bike while walking your dog. This will ensure that your dog is comfortable with being around the bike. You can also walk her in an area frequented by cyclists to continue the desensitization process.


3. Transition from walking with your bike to riding it with your dog by your side. Start out slowly and let your dog guide the pace. You can start with one foot on a pedal and one on the ground until your dog is comfortable.


4. It can be dangerous to tie your dog’s regular leash to your bike. Invest in a leash specifically designed to tether your dog’s harness safely to your bike, such as the Bike Tow Leash or the Walky Dog Bike Leash.


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5. Be especially careful when biking with your dog during the summer months. Take shorter rides during the coolest times of the day, bring along plenty of water, and remember that the pavement temperature can be hotter than the air temperature.


6. Keep an eye out for off-leash dogs in the area, and even leashed dogs that could come too close and get tangled. Dogs that like to run after wildlife (like squirrels) should be trained to ignore other animals on the trail with a firm “No” command.



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