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Heartbreaking Video Shows Cruel Reality of “Bear Farming”

Heartbreaking Video Shows Cruel Reality of “Bear Farming”


The demand for the exotic ingredients used in the traditional Asian medicine trade has long been a source of outrage for animal rights activists. One of the more disturbing acts of animal cruelty in the name of “medicine” is bear farming. Bears in Asia, primarily Asiatic Black Bears and Sun Bears, are captured in the wild (often mothers with young cubs) and then held in tiny cages in shockingly inhumane conditions so that their highly-prized “bear bile” (a liquid in found in their gall bladders) can be painfully extracted from their bodies and sold on the illicit Asian medicine market.


Click HERE to watch the video and read the accompanying story from National Geographic. You can also learn about an organization called Free the Bears which works to save threatened bears around the world.


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