What You Can Do to Help Stop the Pet Primate Trade


According to the Animal Welfare Institute, there are at least 15,000 primates currently being kept as pets in the United States, and prospective buyers can easily find ads for baby monkeys and other primates (cruelly removed from their mothers at a very early age) on the Internet. The news is full of heartbreaking stories about what happens to these animals (and their owners) once they grow up and become large and hard to handle. These intelligent, social animals are often diapered and treated like human babies, then kept caged in isolation when they become too much of a handful for their inexperienced owners.


What can concerned animal advocates do to help stop the inhumane practice of keeping primates as pets? Members of the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus have introduced a bill called the Captive Primate Safety Act (H.R. 2920) which would prohibit the sale and acquisition of non-human primates for the exotic pet trade.


Contact your congressional representatives and urge them to support the Captive Primate Safety Act today! You can find a sample letter to send to your congressperson on the AWI website. Learn more about the issue HERE.



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