5 Clever Pet Hacks for Cat Owners


Cat people are a creative bunch, if we do say so ourselves. When we come across a cat-related problem, we’ll put our thinking kitty ears on and come up with a clever solution. Here are just a few ingenious pet hacks for cat owners…to make your life and your fur baby’s life better than ever!


1. Easy litter storage

If you’re tired of wrangling big containers of kitty litter when it’s time to deal with the litter boxes, here’s a neat solution to make changing the litter easier. Get a large pet food container on wheels (the Container Store makes a good one) and a large, heavy duty scoop (check out ice scoops from restaurant supply stores). Fill the container with litter and use the scoop to portion out the amount you need whenever you refill the litter boxes.


2. Dry your own catnip

If you already grow your own catnip, then there’s no need to buy dried catnip from the pet store. You can easily make your own homemade nip following these simple instructions. If you live in a dry climate, you can just gather bundles of catnip, tie them with a string, and hang upside down (away from your cats) until they dry out (a few weeks). You can also place fresh catnip on a baking sheet and put it in the oven. Turn the oven on to the lowest setting and let dry for up to 6 hours.


3. Easy DIY catnip toys

Now that you have all that nice dried catnip, make some homemade catnip toys! You don’t need to be an expert at sewing to make one. Get some tiny baby socks and fill with dried catnip. You only have to put a few simple stitches across the top to seal it up. You can also attach some string to it and turn it into a drag toy.


4. Celebrate the power of Ikea

Lots of creative cat owners have found purrfect uses for inexpensive stuff from Ikea. A popular Ikea cat hack is to pick up a low cost end table and then cover the legs with sisal for use as a homemade scratching post. You can also cover the top with a carpet sample so your kitty has a spot to perch.


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5. Tape it up!

No cat owner should be without a few rolls of double-sided tape and window screen repair tape. Place the double-sided tape wherever your cat likes to scratch, like the sides of the living room sofa. Window screen repair tape will keep your birdwatching kitty safe if there are rips in your window screens.



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