How to Find Financial Assistance for Veterinary Expenses


We all love our pets and would do anything we can for them, but sometimes an unexpected but lifesaving veterinary treatment can be too much for even the most dedicated pet parent to afford. Did you know that a simple fall leading to broken bones, or swallowing part of a toy that causes an intestinal blockage, could require emergency surgery costing several thousand dollars? The inability to pay for critical veterinary care could lead to the very sad reality of something called “economic euthanasia”—when pet owners are forced to put their pets to sleep because they can’t afford a lifesaving procedure.



There are some practical tips experts recommend to avoid this sad situation. You can look into pet insurance (make sure you read all policies carefully before signing up) and put away some cash into a dedicated emergency vet fund whenever you can. There are also some charitable organizations that may be able to provide qualified pet owners with financial assistance for veterinary care. Here are a few to check out:


The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund: The mission of this organization is to help needy families get treatment for both cats and dogs suffering from cancer. They provide treatment grants to help pay for things like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and even alternative medicine.


The Pet Fund: The Pet Fund provides financial assistance to owners of companion animals in need of funds for non-basic and non-urgent veterinary care. This would include treatment for conditions like cancer and heart disease.



The Brown Dog Foundation: This non-profit primarily assists the owners of pets in need of immediate, lifesaving care. They provide funds for lifesaving veterinary care, as well as life-sustaining medications, to qualified families in need.


Frankie’s Friends: Frankie’s Friends provides grants for lifesaving (or life-enhancing) emergency or specialty veterinary care to qualified pet owners who cannot afford the cost of treatment. Treatments include things like MRIs or CT scans, surgery, chemotherapy, and endoscopy.



STARelief and Pet Assistance: This charity works to ensure that family pets are not surrendered to shelters because of financial hardship. They provide financial assistance for lifesaving veterinary care, as well as lifesaving pet food and emergency/crisis pet boarding and foster care.


Your Animal Hearted purchase saves lives! 25% of all proceeds are donated to no kill animal shelters!


And finally, don't forget to talk to your vet about any local, smaller non-profits that offer financial assistance to pet owners in your immediate geographic area.






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