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Armani Goes Fur Free in 2016

Armani Goes Fur Free in 2016


The famous Giorgio Armani fashion design house has announced that, beginning with the fall/winter 2016 season, all garments made by the Armani Group’s collections will be fur free. This decision is a major victory in the fight to end the exploitation of fur animals, as many high-end design houses have been reluctant to respond to the anti-fur movement. Armani released a statement noting that it has heard the outcry against fur and believes that luxury brands do not need to support animal cruelty.


While the Armani fur free policy is a step forward, it should be noted that Armani will continue to produce garments made of leather, suede, shearling, fleece, and other similar materials. They will no longer use fur animals such as fox, rabbit, and mink, but will continue to use animals considered to be “by-products” of the meat trade.


The fight to end the abuse of fur animals continues. Unfortunately, another major design house, Fendi, seems to be doubling down on the unapologetic use of fur. It recently announced something called the “Haute Fourrure Collection,” described by Fendi as the ultimate collection of “incredible luxurious furs” and other materials including feathers. The designer Karl Lagerfeld is Fendi’s creative director. The fashion website Racked reports that there have been PETA protests outside of Fendi fashion shows.


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Check out the website of the organization Fur Free Alliance to find out more about ending the cruel fur trade.


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