No More Fat Cats: How to Keep Your Kitty Fit and Trim


Did you know that only 46% of U.S. cats are at their ideal body weight? That means that over 50% are above their ideal weight…22% are classified as overweight while 32% are classified as obese, to be exact. What is a cat’s ideal body weight anyway? According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, the average domestic cat should weigh between 8 and 10 pounds. Some cat breeds like the Siamese can be lower than 8, while large cat breeds like the Maine Coon are healthy at as much as 25 pounds.


How much does your cat weigh? Instead of making a special trip to the vet, you can weigh your cat at home, first by stepping on the scale holding your cat and then by yourself. Subtract the difference to get the weight of your cat.


You may realize that your cat needs to lose a few pounds. Over 50% of cat owners don’t have their cats on any sort of diet or exercise plan. Left to their own devices, many cats like to graze on dry food throughout the day, and would rather lie on the living room sofa than run around and play. So what can you do to get your cat fit?


Make sure your cat gets plenty of exercise through regular, active play sessions. Many cats like to chase wand toys with things like feathers attached to them. You should also make sure your cat has plenty of fresh water to drink to help fill her up…you can try a drinking fountain-type water bowl to get her more interested in water.  Keep reading for feeding tips...


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You also may have to stop leaving the dry cat food out all day for your fur kid to munch on whenever he feels like it. Dole out a little bit of dry cat food as a treat instead (dry kibble is better for your kitty than processed cat treats anyway). Serve your cat moderate portions of canned food at designated mealtimes. You can try a weight control formula made from lamb, tuna, or chicken. Mix leftover cold food from the fridge with a little warm water. You can also add some flavor enhancers like bonito flakes to make it more appealing.



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